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June 7, 2020


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Wasim Badami’s alleged girlfriend Minahal exposed

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KARACHI – The self-proclaimed girlfriend of the renowned Journalist and TV Host of Pakistan Wasim Badami has been arrested in America for selling drugs.
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West Indies vs Pakistan 3rd ODI 2017 Full Highlights

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GUYANA: Courtesy to brilliant bowling performance and excellent batting by Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Mali, Pakistan comfortably beat West Indies by 6 wickets in the
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Watch Sheikh Rasheed escaped arrest on Committee Chowk

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RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rasheed reached Jalsa venue overcoming all the barriers by the government, and escaped then escaped the scene in the
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Video: Sheikh Rashid dramatic entry at Committee Chowk on Bike

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RAWALPINDI: Despite all the hurdles, barriers, detention and house arrest, Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rasheed on Friday arrived at Committee Chowk by moving in