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Turkish father says “sorry” to 10-year-old son before choking him to death

KARATAY, Turkey: A Turkish dad who admitted killing his 10-year-old son to prevent him from temptation said he told the boy he was going to murder him and had hugged and kissed him before strangling him.

He said the little boy, Huseyin, had looked him in the face after he had apologised for what he was about to do and had kissed him back, saying: “Daddy, I’m sorry too”.

The man had reportedly been feeling guilty about his own lifestyle and felt that the only perfect thing in it was his son.

He said that unlike him, his son was a pure soul who had never done any wrong, and he had decided to “send him to Heaven while he was still without sin”.

The shocking incident took place in the district of Karatay in the Turkish province of Konya at around 7:00 pm on March 8.

Dad Ismail Kilincer, 32, had, first of all, sent his wife Rabia Kilincer, 31, to the shops.

He told police: “Before the incident, I deliberately sent my wife to the market.

“I told my son that I was going to kill him. I apologised to my son, and hugged and kissed him.”

He said he then sat on the boy’s legs and strangled him with his bare hands.

He then locked the door and called the police to say that he had “killed someone”.

When police arrived, they found Huseyin already dead. His body was taken to Konya City Hospital for an autopsy.

The police said the murder was planned two weeks in advance and quoted the boy’s father as also saying: “I have sinned a lot and I will go to hell. My son would go on to sin as he grew older too. The longer a person lives, the more they sin.

“I didn’t want my son to fall into temptation as he grew up and become like me.

“I wanted to send him to Heaven while he was still without sin.”