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Human bones found on Maslin Beach, south of Adelaide

ADELAIDE, Australia: Two bones, suspected to be human, have been found on a South Australian beach, prompting a police investigation.

The first bone, believed to be a human forearm, was found by a man who was walking on Maslin Beach, south of Adelaide, on Tuesday night.

Detective Chief Inspector Scott Fitzgerald told reporters on Thursday the man took the bone home, where one of his relatives raised the alarm that it could be a human bone.

The arm bone was found on the sand by a man walking on Tuesday night. He took it home and he contacted police after a relative suggested it could be human. The next morning while searching the beach, officers found what they think is a human rib.

The bone was handed over to the police on Wednesday.

Since then a second bone, believed to be a human rib, was found within about 50 metres of the first bone. Fitzgerald said the remains appear to be about a year old.

Police and SES volunteers are now conducting a search along the beach for any other bones or signs of human remains.

Investigators are also looking at the possibility the remains are those of a missing person.

Results of a forensic examination of the bones are expected to be released within days.

The gender and age of the bones remain unclear, however, police don’t believe the find is suspicious, Fitzgerald said.

Anyone who find bones on nearby Moana, Seaford, Southport and Port Noarlunga beaches is asked to contact police.

Those with further information are urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

South Australian Police said they don’t believe the find is suspicious, and think the bones are “relatively recent”.

“We’ve worked with Forensic Science SA and we suspect that that bone is a human bone which is relatively recent in the scheme of things, anything up to a couple of months up to a year old,” Detective Chief Inspector Scott Fitzgerald said.

“The bone was a forearm we believe.

Police are contacting families who might have reported somebody missing.

He admitted the find could be “gut-wrenching for the families.”

“Any loved one you don’t know where they are, you don’t know what’s occurred to them would be anyone’s living nightmare,” he said.