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Saudi king seeks world help to contain ‘Iranian plans’

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud urged the world leaders on Thursday to take “a decisive stance” to address efforts by Iran to develop nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

He expressed these views in his annual address to the top government advisory body.

“The kingdom stresses the dangers of Iran’s regional project, its interference in other countries, its fostering of terrorism, its fanning the flames of sectarianism and calls for a decisive stance from the international community against Iran that guarantees a drastic handling of its efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction and develop its ballistic missiles programme,” the king said.

The speech, which outlined the country’s policy priorities and achievements, was delivered virtually by the 82-year-old monarch to the advisory Shura Council in the presence of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Speaking on foreign policy, he stressed that threats from Iran remain a top concern. He also accused Iran of supporting terrorism and fuelling sectarianism in the region.

The king stressed the need for “finding a radical solution to ensure Iran does not acquire weapons of mass destruction.”

“Saudi Arabia affirms the danger of the Iranian regime’s regional project,” he said.

There was no immediate reaction from Iran to the king’s remarks. Tehran described the king’s UN remarks as “baseless allegations” and has denied arming groups in the Middle East.