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Gold Coast tradesmen unearth $200,000 old money in backyard

BRISBANE, Australia: Tradesmen at a Runaway Bay site in Gold Coast unearthed thousands of dollars in cash buried in a backyard, on Thursday.

Queensland police confirmed the discovery and said forensic testing was being carried out by the Criminal Investigation Branch.

The stash was buried in several large plastic containers at an excavation site.

A police spokeswoman confirmed the money to be old-style $100 paper notes, valued at around $200,000.

The property, previously valued at $1.7 million, was recently sold to developers after the owner passed away.

The police are conducting a forensic analysis on it while carrying out further searches in the yard.

“It’s crazy. They started digging more this morning and … forensics found more,” Jake Johnston, a site worker, revealed.

Gina Christeson, a neighbouring resident, said the discovery has sent minds racing in the coastal suburb.

“Very quiet area, very quiet, so it’s amazing when you live in such a quiet area and you put the television on and there’s a neighbour having — was it $150,000 — buried in their garden,” she said.

“We’re going to get the excavator in tomorrow and we think we might start digging because who knows.”

Real estate records show the site was probably a vacant lot in the late 1980s, roughly the same time notorious bank robber Brenden Abbott was targeting Gold Coast banks.