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All for a puff: ‘Cigarette cockroach’ determined to get high in NYC

NEW YORK, USA: Attorney Tom Kretchmar tweeted a video showing an insect dragging a cigarette across a sewer grate that quickly grew viral.

“Cigarette cockroach” is the latest pest in New York caught on video determined to get its nicotine high for the day.

The video was filmed at the intersection of 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue in the mega city.

To date it has garnered a whopping 21,080 retweets and 95,320 likes in a few days.

Kretchmar said he watched the cockroach for 90 seconds before moving on.

The Twittersphere responded with a host of reactions.

A twitter user wrote: “Leave him be, he’s just having a rough day”.

Another one snapped, “Damn, you know it’s bad when even the roaches of New York need to take the edge off lol.”

Some Twitteraties even proposed theories behind the behavior of the roach.

Unfortunately, no one knows how the story ended.

The attorney said he wasn’t able to see if the cockroach took a puff.