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Commonwealth Bank’s technological glitch results in service outage across Australia

SYDNEY, Australia: The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has encountered a technological glitch resulting in services outage of some of its facilities across the country.

The bank said an unknown computer issue has affected its services including BPAY, Cardless Cash and Cardless Deposits.

“Our teams are working urgently to fix an issue with our network. We’re very sorry for this and thank customers for their continued patience while [we] work to restore services,” the statement on their website reads.

Call centre and in-branch services are down as Australia’s biggest bank has been affected by the latest network issue.

As many as 8,000,000 bank customers are suffering as a result.

“Customers are still able to log on to online and mobile banking but cannot transfer money to other people or between their own accounts,” a Commonwealth Bank spokeswoman said.

She was unable to say which or how many branches had closed due to the outage but said “the vast majority” remains open.

“We don’t have a list of branches that have closed at this stage,” she added.

“Customers, if they’re looking for the latest information, should visit our social media accounts. We’ll update [them] the minute [anything] changes.”

She said there was no indication the outage was due to a cyber-attack.

People are venting on social media regarding the issue. Over 4,000 people commented on the bank’s Facebook account alone.

Diamon Panetti questioned the bank on the social media site, “I just went into your Werribee branch and everything’s down. I can’t access any of my money which is desperately needed right now. Will customers be getting compensation for this inconvenience?”

While another angry customer, Shinnelle O’Gilvie, tweeted, “I’m about to sit an exam and I’m going in on an empty stomach because you guys are incompetent. I’m done. I’m finally going to switch banks.”

Despite claims by customers the bank website continues to state, “Our ATMs (except Cardless Cash and Cardless Deposits), EFTPOS merchant services, debit and credit cards are working.”

Though in an update posted on Facebook at 5:50pm, the bank said, “We apologize to our customers affected by this issue. We continue to urgently work to restore impacted services.”