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Google Maps, Waze now work natively with Siri on iOS 13

CALIFORNIA, USA: Apple has released iOS 13 marking a new era wherein Siri can now help with directions from Google Maps, Pandora and Waze.

Third-party developers can now release apps that can access Siri without any configuration.

Before iOS 13, to use a non-Apple app with Siri required setting up a shortcut, which would sometimes not even work.

Few app companies have already released updates today that could utilize Siri to give a safer driving experience.

For apple users, it is good news but not as good according to initial reports. It is not as seamless as we would expect it to be.

“I used general location requests — I tried “the Apple Store” and “Seattle” — Siri opened up Google Maps with directions ready,” technology enthusiast Jay Peters said.

“When I tried to ask Siri to give me directions to a few different numbered addresses in Google Maps, each time, my iPhone just opened Apple Maps instead,” he complained.

“It appears it may need some tinkering, either from Apple or the app makers, to get third-party Siri support working as designed.”