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Highly explosive devices found at Adelaide home

ADELAIDE, Australia: Police find a dozen “explosive devices” at a home in Adelaide’s south where a small explosion occurred early morning, leaving a man with serious burn injuries to his face and upper body.

Emergency services were called after a small blast was reported on Morningside Drive at Woodcroft around 4:20am.

Residents and media were evacuated from the site of blast, while the bomb squad was called to investigate the found devices.

Initial reports had suggested a gas cylinder blast which was later overruled by the police.

“SA Ambulance received a phone call that someone had received burns as a result of a gas cylinder being exploded. That information is inaccurate,” Acting Chief Inspector Cameron Devey told media.

“What’s actually occurred is that a man was working with a black powder inside that appears to be highly explosive and has ignited and has caused burns to his face and his upper body,” he explained.

He said his condition is not ‘life-threatening’ and is being further ‘medically assessed and treated’ at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Detectives are investigating why the 51-year-old man was using the “highly explosive black powder” in his house.

Police has assured the public they are safe and ruled out any links to terror groups of bikies.