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Give peace a chance: diversity, acceptance and tolerance

KARACHI, Pakistan: Teach Peace, a non-profit organization, is all set to hold peace conference “Karachi Peace Summit ’19” on this World International Peace Day being observed on September 21.

The conference is unique in its way as it aims to celebrate inclusiveness and diversity by promoting acceptance and tolerance among the youth of different communities, cultures and minorities of Pakistan.

The conference targets young enthusiasts across different cities of Pakistan. Influential speakers and youth activists Zafar Abbas and Sarim Burney will grace the event with their presence.

Multiple panel talks having distinguished speakers on the panel have been planned where people will get to see different perspectives, hear a different point of views and personal stories and envisage a near future where all the ideas on countering violence and extremism can be implemented.

The event will also highlight diversity, co-existence and harmony with sessions of panellists belonging to different communities including Christians and Hindus. Transgender people have been invited to share their views on interfaith harmony as well as their life accounts in order to give people an insight into their world.

The topic for trans-talks will be “A view of co-existence with transgenders”. The panel that will be walking the talk to compassion and harmony will interact within itself as well as with the audience on the topic “Religion, Conflict, and Peace”. Similarly, another panel of well-known speakers will discuss issues related to countering violence and extremism during a session on “From conflict and aggression to resolutions and expressions”.

Teach Peace, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to making efforts to bring about peace in this era when it seems nothing less than a far-fetched dream to lots of dreamers.