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Man sentenced to 45 years in jail for sexual abuse of daughter

SYDNEY, Australia: A man who raped his daughter so sadistically that she developed 2,500 personalities as a coping mechanism has been sentenced to 45 years in jail.

In a District Court in Sydney Judge Sarah Huggett sentenced Jeni Haynes’s father father Richard Haynes to 45 years in prison. He will not be eligible for parole until January 2050.

Haynes, 74, put his daughter Jeni through seven years of horrific abuse between the ages of four and 11, which left her body so badly damaged she lives with a colostomy bag, calcified ligaments in her jaw and will never be able to have children.

It took Judge Huggett more than an hour to run through the years of abuse Haynes survived, the details of which were so horrific people in court were seen shaking their heads and dropping their face into their hands.

Judge Huggett described the abuse as “completely abhorrent and appalling”, “demeaning and cruel” and said all 25 offences to which Haynes pleaded guilty were “extremely grave”.

“No sentence can completely reflect the far-reaching impacts of Haynes’ offending,” she said.

Despite the “sad frequency” of rape cases seen by the courts, Judge Huggett said the level of Haynes’ abuse was “rare” and “horrendous”.

“My life begins today. She (the judge) has released me. I feel so relieved and a sense of freedom,” the victim said.

“I wanted him to understand that I’m not going away until I get justice,” she said.

“But of course he didn’t look at me because he’s a coward. I wanted to go up there and grab his face and say, ‘Look at me you prick.’”

The court heard Haynes had been threatened “multiple times” in prison and spent significant time in his cell by himself, monitored by CCTV after he tried to take his life in 2017.

Judge Huggett told the court, after reading Haynes’ psychological report, there was nothing in his personal history that explained or mitigated the seven years of abuse.

“The only available conclusion is he was sexually attracted to his young daughter and that he derived a perverted gratification from exerting complete power over his vulnerable daughter,” she said.

Ms Haynes would often pass out due to the violent nature of the sexual abuse, which started in 1974 when her father used the then four-year-old’s hand puppet to muffle his daughter’s screams and cries while raping her.

The abuse continued until 1981, when Ms Haynes was 11, after which the family moved back to England.