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Serial paedophile, killer walks free from jail

SYDNEY, Australia: Vile child killer and paedophile Michael Guider has walked free from prison after serving 23 years for drugging, molesting and killing nine-year-old Samantha Knight and molesting 13 other children.

The serial molester looked obese and slightly unsteady on his feet as he trudged down the hill towards freedom at Long Bay Correctional Centre just before 3pm. Guider, 68, wore black tracksuit pants and a large grey jumper and was carrying two black plastic garbage bags of his belongings. The man still has long grey hair which is now receding. He still wears a long flowing grey beard.

He was released on prescription drugs known colloquially as “chemical castration” to help prevent him from harming children out in the community, and wearing a tracking device.

Guider was whisked away to the prison-run community offender house nearby where he will live with other paroled criminals.

Guider remained impassive as media screamed out to ask him what he had done with Samantha Knight and where he had buried the girl’s body.

He will spend the next five years on an Extended Supervision Order with 56 stringent conditions, which include not changing his appearance without permission.

Guider, who has never showed any remorse for killing Samantha Knight after abducting her in Bondi in 1986, never revealed where he hid her body.

Authorities believe he still poses a risk to children.

Guider is bound to wear an electronic tracking anklet and provide a weekly schedule of his movements to which he must strictly follow. He has also been restricted from going near schools, cinemas, libraries and museums, camping areas, children’s playgrounds or any sporting facilities.

He should be immediately recognisable, at least for the moment, under his parole condition not to grow his hair or a beard without approval. If he does so, he must pose for new photographs to be placed on his file with parole authorities.