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WA’s worst mass killings convict appeals against indefinite life sentence

PERTH (Australia): The Perth father who was jailed indefinitely for murdering five members of his family has filed an appeal against an indefinite jail sentence.

Anthony Robert Harvey admitted responsibility for what is one of WA’s worst mass killings — the murders of his 41-year-old wife Mara, their daughters Charlotte, three, and two-year-old twins Alice and Beatrix, and their grandmother Beverley Quinn, 73.

The victims were killed with knives and blunt instruments at the family’s Bedford home in September last year.  The Supreme Court told Harvey had planned the crimes for days and wrote in a journal about eliminating his family.

Last month he became the first person in WA history jailed for life with an order to never be released from custody — effectively imprisoning him until he died.

Harvey challenged the sentence on the grounds that “it is unreasonable, having regards to the circumstances of the offence and the personal circumstances of the appellant”.

He appears to have personally signed the notice yesterday and his address was listed as the maximum security Hakea Prison, in the southern Perth suburb of Canning Vale.

The notice also says Harvey is not legally represented for the appeal, but he is applying for legal aid representation, which would give him access to a lawyer paid for by the public.

During the sentencing last month, Justice Hall said the order to never be released — the maximum penalty available under WA law — was reserved for the very worst cases.

“Frankly, I struggle to find words that are adequate to convey the magnitude of your offences,” he said.

“Your actions are so far beyond the bounds of acceptable human conduct that they instil horror and revulsion into even the most hardened of people.

“It is necessary to make an order that you never be released in order to meet the community’s interest in punishment and deterrence.”