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Plane crashes into light tower at Perth Airport

PERTH, Australia: A Cobham Aviation plane carrying over 60 passengers has collided with a light tower at Perth Airport. There are no reports of injuries at this stage.

There were 62 passengers and four staff onboard the flight. The aircraft had just landed when it happened at around 2.20pm local time. No injuries have been recorded. An investigation has been launched.

Authorities said emergency services were on site and the incident did not impact any other operations or services at Perth Airport.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said it had been notified about the incident. The plane was on its way to the Granny Smith Gold Mine, south of Laverton.

In a statement, the airline said the plane involved was a Cobham RJ 85, a four-engine jet aircraft.

“The aircraft was departing from Cobham’s ramp when it came into contact with ground equipment,” the statement read. The nose of the aircraft was damaged.

“The aircraft was operating a regular afternoon service to the Goldfields region in Western Australia at the time of the incident.

“Cobham is currently working with all the relevant authorities and will fully co-operate the investigation.”

Passengers said the brakes failed as the plane was taxiing for take-off and the plane rolled into the terminal. They described it as a “massive jolt” and were told not to take photos or videos as they were escorted off the plane.