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India rape victim’s car crash raises questions

NEN DELHI (India):  A teenager who accused a ruling party lawmaker of rape in 2017 was seriously injured in a road accident in Uttar Pradesh state.

A lorry on the state highway hit the vehicle of 19-year-old who was travelling with her lawyer and two relatives.

The two female relatives of the girl have died and her lawyer is also in hospital with serious injuries.

The girl’s mother has alleged foul play, saying that the collision was not an accident and demanding justice.

The family want police to open a murder investigation against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker Kuldeep Singh Sengar, who is accused of raping the teenager. Police this afternoon, registered a complaint naming him and 10 others in connection with Sunday’s incident.

Mr Sengar has been in custody for more than a year on accusations of raping the teenager. He denies the charges.

He has been charged under India’s stringent child protection laws since the teenager was a minor when she was attacked.

Local police officer Rakesh Singh said that the truck driver and owner of the vehicle have been arrested and taken in for questioning. Some reports suggest the vehicle’s registration plate was smeared with black paint.

The registration plates of the truck had been smeared with black paint