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Israel target Syria’s Daraa province with missile

DAMASCUS (Syria): Israel has attacked Syria’s southern province of Daraa with a missile.

Syria’s state media reported an Israeli missile attack had targeted the country’s southern province of Daraa.

State news agency SANA and state TV reported that “Israeli aggression” struck Tal al-Hara hill that is home to Syrian army posts.

The reports said that the missile attack caused no casualty and only caused material damage.

The media gave no further details about the early Wednesday attack that came a month after Israel targeted the same area.

The attacks were earlier described as “probably Israeli” by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, who said they targeted Tall al-Hara in Daraa province, south of Damascus, and two areas in the neighbouring province of Quneitrathe.

“The regime’s anti-aircraft defence has been activated to counter the attack,” director of the Observatory Rami Abdel Rahmane said.

It said that some missiles have been shot down, others have hit their target.

The Observatory reported “loss of life” without giving further details.

The Tal al-Hara hill, a strategic area overlooking the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, was for many years a major Russian military radar outpost until rebels took it over in 2014 before it was again recaptured by the Syrian army last year.

The zone has been a target of Israeli raids against Tehran-backed militias which have become entrenched in southern Syria and the occupied Golan Heights near the border with Israel.