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Indonesian police to charge two Australian for cocaine use, possession  

BALI (Indonesia): Bali police have two Australian for cocaine use and possession and is searing for the third one.

The police is preparing to charge the arrested Australians for cocaine use and possession. Police has carried out a series of drug raids in a trendy nightclub area of Canggu.

William Cabantog, 36, and David Van Iersel, 38, both from Melbourne, were arrested at the Lost City nightclub, where it is understood one of the men was working. Police also raided a home.

Acting on a tip-off, police found 1.12 grams of cocaine in the pockets of one man, and drug equipment including a broken set of scales.

Police say the men had bought about 2 grams of cocaine for 3 million rupiah ($300) from a third person — with the initial N — who may have fled the country.

According to police, blood tests confirmed Cabantog and Van Iersel were cocaine users.

So far police have presented no evidence that the men were also trafficking.

The two men have undergone days of interrogation and tests.

Bali police paraded both men — wearing orange prison suits, handcuffs and leg irons — in front of a large pack of local and foreign media on Tuesday morning.

On a table, they also displayed the evidence against them, including a small plastic clip of cocaine and the scales.

Police say one of the men was working in Bali as a hotel consultant and had a work visa. The other man was on a tourist visa and is understood to have been in Indonesia for about a month.

It is understood Mr Cabantog and Mr Van Iersel worked as nightclub promoters in Melbourne before travelling to Bali.