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Moon soon rains-triggered floods, landslides kill 65 in Nepal

KATMANDU: Torrential rains-triggered floods and landslides have killed at least 65 people and dozens others are missing across Nepal.

More than 1,446 have been rescued from across Nepal, with a further 30 people identified as missing, the Nepal Police said Monday morning.

The government has stepped up search and rescue efforts amid mobilization of multiple federal agencies and the Nepalese Army.

Images on social media show roads and cars submerged in muddy water. Some residents appear trapped in their homes, sheltering on rooftops as floodwater washes past their doorsteps.

Those who do attempt escape carry bundles of belongings on their heads as they wade through chest-deep water.

Meanwhile, rescue teams work to evacuate residents, pushing inflatable dinghies through flooded streets and helping children and the elderly to safer areas.

The monsoon rains began on Thursday, inundating low-lying towns and villages, and displacing more than 11,000 households, with tens of thousands evacuated after major rivers swelled to dangerous levels, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Regions of Nepal on the southern border, like the Bara District, have seen more than 400 millimeters of rain in the past few days, according to satellite estimates. The rain is still pouring, with some western areas expected to receive up to 250 millimeters in the next 48 hours, said the Nepal Department of Hydrology and Meteorology.