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Dangerous flashflood hits Washington DC area

WASHINGTON: Dangerous flashflood has hit D.C. area on Monday morning, drenching the city with nearly 3.5 inches of rainfall in just two hours.

The inundation stranded drivers, poured into Metro stations and soaked basements, including the White House’s.

Flooding led to electrical outages that closed the National Archives Building and Museum, according to a statement from the National Archives.

The statement said that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were safe and not in any danger.

A record 3.41 inches of rainfall was measured at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Across the region, dangerous situations unfolded as fast-flowing water flooded many local roads. Multiple drivers quickly became stranded in high water, including a father who carried his two small daughters from a vehicle trapped in waist-deep floodwaters at Massachusetts Avenue and Little Falls Parkway in Bethesda.

Torrential rain fell around the region. In southern Maryland, along the Patuxent River, 4.03 inches were measured. Dulles International Airport got 1.05 inches. And Baltimore got 0.73 inches.

A flood warning remains in effect for Prince George’s County, Maryland, until 12:30 a.m. Tuesday. See all weather alerts here.

Dramatic scenes in the area included high water in the Ballston mall parking garage in Arlington, a flooded public pool in Potomac and a cascade of water in the Virginia Square Metro station.