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Trump lashes out at May after UK govt’s support to its ambassador to US

WASHINGTON: Donald Trump has hit out at British Prime Minister Theresa May after UK government reiterated its support for its ambassador to Washington following the leak of diplomatic memos criticizing Trump’s presidency.

The UK has been scrambling to stem the damage caused by the leaking of confidential memos over the weekend.

Donald Trump on Monday dragged British Prime Minister Theresa May into his Twitter rants about the leaking of a series of memos dating back to 2017. In the memos, UK Ambassador Kim Darroch called the US president’s administration “dysfunctional” and “inept.”

After the UK government reiterated the prime minister’s support for her ambassador, Trump assailed May’s handling of Brexit negotiations and welcomed her impending departure from office.

“What a mess she and her representatives have created,” Trump wrote in his tweets. “I do not know the Ambassador, but he is not liked or well thought of within the US. We will no longer deal with him,” he added.

The publication of the diplomatic cables in the UK’s Mail on Sunday came a month after Trump enjoyed a state visit to Britain that included a 41-gun salute welcome at Buckingham Palace and a banquet dinner with the English monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump wrote that “while I thoroughly enjoyed the magnificent State Visit last month, it was the Queen who I was most impressed with!”