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Australian Navy units his by allegations of sexual harassment, fraud, brutal hazing

CANBERRA:  Allegations of sexual harassment, fraud and brutal hazing rituals which include the bizarre practice of “gargoyling” have rocked an elite unit of Australian Navy.

One of the two teams in the tight-knit Clearance Diving Branch at the centre of the shocking allegations is based in Perth and the other in Sydney.

According to reports, an internal investigation uncovered claims of sexual harassment of female personnel, fraud and hazing practices such as “gargoyling”.

Members were also forced to “run the gauntlet” which is where personnel run naked past their comrades while being belted with frozen thongs.

The claims have sparked an historic cultural shake-up within the elite unit after the investigation found “significant lapses in leadership” and the existence of an “adverse culture” which had led to a “degradation of capability” for the clearance divers.