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Air raid on refugees’ centre in Tripoli kills 44

TRIPOLI (Libya): Aerial attacks on a detention centre for refugees and migrants in the Libyan capital Tripoli has killed over 44 people.

According to the UN Support Mission in Libya, the air raid that happened overnight on Wednesday killed at least 44 people and wounded more than 130.

The centre, which is located next to a military camp in the eastern suburb of Tajoura, houses more than 600 people.

The portion came under attack was accommodating 150 male refugees and migrants from African countries such as Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia.

The United Nations-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) blamed the raid on the forces of Libyan renegade General  Khalifa Haftar, whose self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) has been  fighting to seize Tripoli for the past three months.

“This crime came after the statements of the air force commander of Haftar’s Libyan National Army, Muhammad al-Manfour, and therefore it is he who bears its legal and moral responsibility,” Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha told al-Wasat state radio.

On Monday, Manfour said aerial bombardment will be stepped up because “traditional means” to “liberate Tripoli” had been exhausted, and urged residents to stay away from what he called “confrontation areas”.