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Sydney likely to continue braving wet and cold conditions

SYDNEY: Sydney received almost a third of its monthly rainfall overnight as the skies opened drenching coastal parts of New South Wales.

As per meteorological department, Bondi Beach received 30 mm while 33mm fell in the CBD. On the central coast 50mm of moisture deposited itself on Gosford during the wee hours. And further rain is to come through the first half of the week.

But that was just a light sprinkling compared to Western Australia with Perth hosting a very sodden State of Origin match on Sunday night. For locals, the rain was an all-too familiar sight.

The city has now collected over 170mm of rain this month, it’s been the wettest June in over a decade and there’s more rain on the way for WA.

Southern states will also have to shiver through a few more days of freezing air until it finally starts to warm up as the week progresses.

The rain began to fall over NSW late on Sunday night and barely stopped until dawn. It was heavily concentred on the coast, however, with totals of over 25mm in Sydney’s city centre and inner and middle ring suburbs.

The 33mm of moisture in the CBD is approaching almost a third of Sydney’s average rainfall in June which is usually around 102mm. In the last week, 60mm has fallen on the Harbour City.

However, in areas further from the coast, such as in Penrith, the rain gauge topped out at a more modest 12mm overnight. Indeed, very little, if any, rain has made it west of the Great Dividing Range.