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Trump launches re-election bid at Florida rally

FLORIDA: US President Donald Trump has launched his re-elections campaign in a rally in Florida.

The Republican President addressed thousands of supporters at a rally in Florida. He declared the state his second home and urged supporters to keep this team in place for four more years.

Addressing the crowd, Trump used the opportunity to lash out at Democrats accusing them of trying to rip the country apart.

Early polls place Mr Trump behind some potential Democratic challengers.

He entered the stage with his wife Melania, who said she was “excited” to be the first lady for six more years.

Senior figures from the White House, including Vice President Mike Pence and outgoing press secretary Sarah Sanders, also spoke at the rally.

Trump told the rally, “Tonight I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the United States. ”

Florida is a key battleground state and one that Mr Trump narrowly won in 2016.

“We are going to keep America great again,” the president told the Orlando event on Tuesday night, in a reworking of his familiar slogan.

A counter-demonstration against his appearance was also held nearby.

During his roughly 80-minute speech, Trump renewed some of the calls of his winning 2016 campaign.

He reiterated to continue crackdown against illegal immigration, one day after tweeting that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would soon begin removing “millions of illegal aliens” from the country.

“We believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding citizens, not for criminal aliens,” Trump told Florida supporters.

He also accused Democrats of seeking to legalise illegal immigration in order to boost their voting base, and said they “want to destroy our country as we know it”.

Trump-branded his opponents as a ‘radical left-wing mob’ who he said would bring socialism to the US.

“A vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream,” he told the crowd.