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Bendigo man charged with offenses related to attack on police phone system

PERTH: A Bendigo man has been charged with a series of offences regarding hacking police phone system and unauthorized access to phone data.

Police said the accused carried out ‘malicious’ attack having the potential to “have the most serious of ramifications”.

The 28-year-old accused was arrested and charged yesterday after search warrants were executed at three Bendigo properties after an eight-month joint Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police investigation.

The man has been formally charged with unauthorised access to data held in a computer, using a carriage service to make a threat to cause serious harm, dishonestly dealing with personal financial information and sabotage.

The man reportedly involved cold-calling numbers with the intention of tying up police phone lines, interrupting incoming or outgoing calls,, a police spokesman said. It added that investigation into the hack commenced in November 2018 after a wave of telephone system attacks in October last year.

A second Bendigo man, 27, has been charged with three firearms offences and will appear in court in August.

Members of the AFP’s Cybercrime Operations and the Victoria Police E-Crime Squad conducted the warrants and were assisted by the AFP’s Specialist Response Group and Victoria Police Special Operations Group.

The 28-year-old alleged mastermind has been remanded in custody and will face the Bendigo Magistrates’ Court on Monday.W33