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Perth man sentenced to life for murdering baby daughter

PERTH, Australia: A local court on Thursday sentenced a man behind bars for life for murdering his baby daughter by throwing her to the ground.

The man murdered his baby daughter by shaking her and throwing her to the ground because she would not stop crying.

The mother of the toddler girl said she was “robbed” of the chance to say goodbye.

Arron Colin Martin was found guilty by a Supreme Court jury of murdering six-month-old Isabella Martin, who suffered catastrophic brain injuries at the family’s Brookdale home.

The Supreme Court was told Martin snapped when the child would not settle. After the assault, the baby was still breathing and he put her back into her cot. Instead of getting help, he tried to take her life.

He then went to Armadale police station two to three hours later, where he told officers he had “hurt his child”.

Martin said he was ‘tired and fatigued’.  At the time, he was working overnight as a baker at a local supermarket before going home and spending his days looking after his daughter while his wife worked at a fast-food outlet.

He testified at his trial that in the lead up to the baby’s death he was getting only about three or four hours’ sleep a night and described himself as being tired and fatigued.

He maintained he loved his daughter and had not meant to hurt her. In his evidence, he also denied throwing the child, claiming he had dropped her.