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August 6, 2020
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Gender discrimination – Moomal Entertainment refuses to pay actress Rabya Kulsoom?

KARACHI, Pakistan: Faizan Shaikh, brother of TV actress Rabya Kulsoom, has accused Moomal Entertainment and Hum TV of refusing to pay Rabya the amount that she was promised.

Faizan Shaikh’s allegation came through in a lengthy Facebook post. Through the post he highlighted the alleged injustice and unprocessional treatment with Rabya Kulsoom.

According to Faizan Shaikh, Rabya was threatened by Anila Mushtaq that if she leaves the country and doesn’t shoot, Hum TV will ban her and she will never be cast by anyone in the industry. Faizan further claimed that she was threatened that Hum TV will also get her UK visa cancelled.

“So basically what happened was that Rabya Kulsoom had to fly to UK during one of her shoots due to some important work. She had already informed the production team about it in advance and had shot most of the scenes. The AD and Anila Mushtaq allegedly threatened and yelled at her. She only got Rs.30,000 of the Rs.182,000 that she was promised.”

Faizan Skeikh announced that Rabiya will be returning the Rs.30,000 cheque to Moomal Entertainment.

However, later on, Faizan removed the Facebook post. In a fresh post, he thanked Maimona Siddiqui for her call.