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July 10, 2020
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Typo on Australian $50 note printed 46 million times

SYDNEY, Australia: The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) face an embarrassing situation after the discovery of a spelling mistake on $2.3 billion worth of currency circulating in the market.

The RBA spelt “responsibility” as “responsibilty” on 46 million of the new yellow notes. The RBA confirmed the typo on Thursday and said the error would be fixed in future print runs.

The new and improved $50 banknote was rolled out in October last year, with security features designed to prevent counterfeiting and improve accessibility. But at the same time, the yellow note also contains a typo that misspells the word “responsibility”.

“The Reserve Bank of Australia is aware of it and the spelling will be corrected at the next print run,” said a spokesperson for the bank.

The note features the Indigenous Australian writer and inventor David Unaipon on one side and Edith Cowan, the country’s first female member of parliament, on the other.
The A$50 note is the most widely circulated in the country and the most commonly given out by cash machines.
Bank bosses in Australia admitted to an embarrassing error revealing their state-of-the-art $50 note had a typo.

It took almost seven months for the public to notice “responsibility” was repeatedly misspelt in the text of Cowan’s 1921 maiden speech.

“I stand here today in the unique position of being the first woman in an Australian parliament. It is a great responsibilty,” the text reads, missing an “i”. The script is barely legible to the naked eye.
The RBA confirmed there were no plans to pull the notes from circulation.

Edith Cowan played a crucial role in winning the vote for women in Western Australia and entered the parliament at the age of 60.