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January 28, 2021
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Meesha Shafi’s team denounces Ali Zafar’s efforts to silence her

LAHORE: Meesha Shafi’s legal team has responded Ali Zafar’s allegation levelled a TV interview that Meesha’s allegations against him were aimed at getting attention and Canadian nationality.

The legal team issued a detailed statement responding to Ali Zafar’s latest allegations.

The team said that from day one, Meesha Shafi had sought accountability and justice against all odds. “Ali Zafar is finally starting to face some consequences of his actions. He can take responsibility for what he has done and make a public apology to Meesha and the other women and seek their forgiveness,” it added.

The statement states, “Meesh filed a case for sexual harassment at the workplace against Ali Zafar before the relevant ombudsperson for sexual harassment at Lahore.

The Ombudsperson did not hear the case on merits and dismissed it on technical grounds stating that Meesha was not an employee.

This order is currently challenged before the Lahore High Court, where emerging jurisprudence gives Meesha Shafi a high chance of success in having the case returned to the ombudsperson so it may finally be heard on merits, and Ali Zafar be held accountable. No court nor any forum has exonerated him.

Ali Zafar, in an attempt to silence Meesha Shafi, filed a defamation suit against her. However, the best defense to defamation is truth, and as Meesha Shafi has never spoken a false world against Ali Zafar, she cannot be held guilty for the defamation by any court.

Meesha Shafi has cooperated with every forum that she has approached and abided by every order that has been passed. When she is summoned by the court, she will attend the hearings and has no obligation to attend proceedings unless she has been so summoned. Meesha has held a Canadian resident card since 2016 and splits her times between Canada and Pakistan, and will appear in court as needed.

It is unfortunate that Ali Zafar is misleading everyone by his incorrect and false statement.

The truth is that:

In the sexual harassment case filed by Meesha, Ali Zafar has not been exonerated by any forum and the matter is pending in the Lahore High Court.

In the defamation case, Meesha is represented by her lawyers who are defending her and are fully participating in the court proceedings on her behalf. Meesha personally has no obligation to attend court unless she is summoned.

Ali Zafar’s statement that Meesha made sexual harassment allegations him in order to get international fame so as to get Canadian immigration is false and defamatory.

His insinuation that Meesha wants to get recognition like Malala is equally condemnable as it appears that Ali Zafar believes that Malala made up a false story to get fame and immigration of a foreign country. Malala- the world’s youngest Nobel Laureate and Pakistan’s pride is an inspiration to millions of young girls, women and men across the world and it is shameful what Ali Zafar thinks about her.

The attacks against Meesha and other women who have spoken up are being perpetrated for a singular purpose, and that is to silence everyone speaking about sexual harassment.

Meesha is now more determined than ever to seek justice for herself through the legal system of this country, and will not be silenced no matter what Ali Zafar attempts to throw her way.

From day one, Meesha Shafi has sought accountability and justice, against all odds. Ali Zafar is finally starting to face some consequences of his actions. He can take responsibility for what he has done and make a public apology to Meesha and the other women and seek their forgiveness.”