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Govt initiatives to promote tourism attracting Western tourists, vloggers and bloggers

ISLAMABAD: The government move to promote tourism has attracted many western bloggers, vloggers and tourists who are all praise for the beauty and rich culture of Pakistan.

With the easing security concerns and growing focus of the incumbent government to market the rich tourism potentials of the country, more and more foreign tourists are heading to Pakistan to explores it scintillating landscapes, might mountain peaks, rich culture heritages.

Food and travel YouTuber Mark Wiens told his four million subscribers after visiting Pakistan “Pakistan, it was the trip of a lifetime,”

Polish blogger Eva zu Beck

Polish blogger Eva zu Beck who has been in the country for months said that Pakistan can become number one tourist destination in the world.

Canadian social media influencer Rosie Gabrielle said she wanted her stories to “tell the truth” about the country.

Zu Beck, whose clip was even shared by officials, cites government commerce initiative Emerging Pakistan, as well as Pakistan International Airlines as partners she’s worked with, while Wiens credits tourism expo Pakistan Travel Mart for “making the amazing trip happen”.

Gabrielle says her 3,500 kilometre motorcycle trip across the nation was facilitated by a Pakistani association in Oman.

A man takes a selfie with Gabrielle in Islamabad

Pakistan has been an essential stop on the hippie trail. But foreign visitor numbers have slumped since Pakistan descended into a bloody battle with militancy.

Officials are of the view that social media “influencer” advertising can present an alternative vision of Pakistan to a new generation of young and adventurous travellers.

“People believe them,” says Pakistan Travel Mart CEO Ali Hamdani, who helped set up Wiens trip, adding that bloggers’ impressions are regarded as “authentic”.

Zu Beck, 27, has gained a huge following in Pakistan, where a local phone company has sponsored some of her videos.

She insists: “My job is not to love Pakistan. My job is to make content. But I love Pakistan.”