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Cracks appear in PTI ranks over cabinet’s reshuffle

ISLAMABAD: Cracks have appeared in the ranks of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) over the Prime Minister’s decision to reshuffle the federal cabinet.

Sources said that Asad Umar refusal to become part of the reshuffled cabinet was an indication of annoyance over the decision to remove him as Finance Minister.

They said that Asad Umar was dejected over the decision so are many passionate and diehard followers of PTI who vent their anger over the decision on social media.

Sources in PTI said that efforts were made to persuade Asad Umar to become part of the shuffled cabinet but he refused. Umar was offered Energy Ministry by Imran Khan, as per the account narrated by Umar himself.

After Asad Umar, Ghulam Sarwar Khan has also refused to become part of the reshuffled federal cabinet.

Local media while quoting sources close to Sarwar Khan reported that Sarwar Khan had refused to take charge of Aviation Ministry.

The reports said that Khan was not happy with the Prime Minister’s decision to take back the Petroleum Ministry from him.

In the reshuffled cabinet, Sarwar was offered the portfolio of aviation minister. However, sources said that Sarwar has refused to take over the aviation ministry.

Sarwar is upset that his ministry has been changed, sources said. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reshuffled his cabinet with Hafeez Sheikh appointed finance adviser, after the departure of Finance Minister Asad Umar.

Sources said that other ministers and state ministers whose portfolios were changed are not happy with their new assignments. Some PTI supporters are complaining that outsiders had replaced the old guards of PTI. They said that a Musharraf aide who has also remained PPP’s minister was entrusted with the most important portfolio of Finance by removing the poster boy of PTI, Asad Umar.

A PTI activist wishing not to be named told The News Tribe,” Out narrative about the current economic mess has been that it was the wreckages of last 10 years the PTI is forced to tackle today. But Hafeez Sheikh has remained Finance Minister for three years during the 10 ‘troubled’ years. Now onward how can we blame the economic mess on the last 10 years’ policies when one of the architects of these policies is heading our economic team.”