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PTI also moves SC for review of its verdict on Faizabad sit-in

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf on Tuesday joined a number of political pa, civil and military institutions moved to the Supreme Court for review of the apex court’s February 6 judgment regarding the sit-in staged by Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan at Faizabad in November 2017.

PTI counsel Ali Zafar submitted the petition in the apex court. It submitted the judgment “suffers from defects” and “needs to be reviewed to avoid injustice”.

The party has also urged the SC to expunge certain remarks from the February 6 judgment about the 2014 sit-in staged by the PTI and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT).

PTI has stressed in the petition that the suo motu case heard by the SC pertained to the 2017 TLP sit-in rather than to the PTI-PAT protest.

“However, the reference to the PTI-PAT dharna was made in paragraphs 17, 22, 23, 24 and 52 of the Judgment under Review. The impression gained from the aforesaid is that as if the petitioner conducted an illegal protest for publicity and deliberately made wrong allegations,” states the petition.

Therefore, the party has submitted the plea on the following grounds, as per the petition:

  1. That once the Faizabad dharna has been concluded, the remarks mentioned above were unnecessary and liable to be expunged.
  2. That it is respectfully submitted that the petitioner conducted the dharna for genuine reasons and the same was in accordance with the fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan. The dharna was neither for publicity nor for any ulterior motives and the petitioner raised political demands and stood up for the civil rights of the citizens of Pakistan. The petitioner had nothing to do with the Faizabad dharna. The remarks in the judgment under review to the contrary therefore need to be expunged.
  3. That the aforesaid observations were made without hearing the petitioner and giving any opportunity to explain. Such observations are liable to be expunged.

Today’s application is not the first time the PTI has filed a petition for review of the Faizabad verdict. On April 12, the PTI requested the SC to set aside its February 6 verdict, accusing the author judge, Justice Qazi Faez Isa, of being ‘biased’.

“The learned author judge has had such an extreme conviction about the 2014 PTI-PAT dharna at Islamabad and the role of the petitioner and its members that he dragged in the reference of the 2014 sit-in into the matter,” alleged a petition moved by PTI secretary general Arshad Dad through his counsel Barrister Syed Ali Zafar. “Thus the petitioner has a reasonable apprehension that the author judge was allegedly biased,” the petition contended.

The PTI petition contended that the judgment made a reference to the 2014 PTI-PAT sit-in and then went on to observe that those responsible for it got off scot-free and were now in high places or positions of public office without any determination of facts or available material on the record.

Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed also approached the SC, seeking deletion of his name from the judgment on the November 2017 TLP sit-in.

In his petition, Sheikh Rashid pleaded that if the words concerning him in para-4 of the judgment were not expunged, he would suffer adversely in his life, reputation, etc.