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‘Gulf states put pressure on Jordan to accept deal of the century’

A former Jordanian Member of the Parlimanet Hind Al-Fayiz has said that a number of Gulf States “put pressure on Jordan and blockaded it in order for it to accept the ‘deal of the century.

According to a report of Arabi21 reported, the former MP said that a number of Gulf state pressurized Jordan to normalize ties with Israel.

“When I am speaking about pressure placed against Jordan, I am speaking clearly about a number of Gulf States,” she added. She said that some of these countries have not yet paid the money they offer in aid to the kingdom.

She refused to give names, but said: “The only Gulf State which rejected normalisation is Kuwait.”

Unfortunately, she added, all the others were involved in undermining the Jordanian and Palestinian role in facing the American attempt to implement the so-called peace plan, which does not fulfill the minimum demands for creating a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders.