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Israel introduces new crowd dispersal weapon against Palestinians

Israel’s occupation army has introduced a new weapon to disperse crowd which will be used against Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip, Israeli media reported on Sunday.

According to Wallah, the weapon uses radio waves to make loud bomb-like sounds.

The weapon has been developed in Israel which is apparently non-lethal. Soldiers using it on the first anniversary of the Great March of Return protests said that “it was very effective”.

During the latest Israeli crackdown on Palestinian protesters who are demanding their legitimate right of return to their land usurped by Israel since 1948, the occupation troops killed four people, three of whom were just 17 years old, and wounded 316 others. Those wounded included 86 children, 29 women, three paramedics and seven journalists.

Since the start of the Great March of Return protests on 30 March last year, Israel has killed around 280 protesters and wounded more than 30,000 others.