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#PkMeToo – Pakistan’s very own Me Too movement

The latest case where filmmaker Sohail Javed accuses renowned filmmaker Jami Mahmood for defamation, has been temporarily parked by the district and Sessions Judge after Javed’s lawyers failed in their attempt to obtain the gag order they were looking for to silence Jami on social media.

The Court hearing observed that no names had been taken or identified in the social media post currently under litigation and that Sohail Javed had taken it upon himself to step up as the predator when he filed a case against Jami. Since then Sohail Javed has become popular as the ‘predator’ in the mainstream news.

Jami had read out an anonymous letter from a woman who claimed she has been sexually manipulated by an unnamed director. This letter was later then shared on Facebook, again without any names. After the first letter, other women started writing about their own accounts of sexual violation by Sohail Javed, which will become part of the evidence in court.

On the case Sohail Javed has said, “This stunt by Jami Mahmood has brought personal and psychological losses to me and my family, I took the due course by taking the matter to court than responding back on the social media irresponsibly. The next date of hearing is 6th April, 2019 and Jami’s reply is still awaited.”

There are many cases of rape that are still pending verdicts in court, so predators often use the Pakistani court process in their favour. Last year Ali Zafar was accused of sexual misconduct by Meesha Shafi, surprisingly on social media people took to shaming the victim instead. The mind-set today does not protect a woman’s dignity if she comes forward to say she was abused. However, team Jami seems to have triggered a movement to protect women who have been abused and violated and the movement is slowly gaining momentum. It is only when women feel safe to talk will we understand the perversion we are dealing with in society.

“I used to be buddies with Javed, but I can no longer be friends with someone who is a sexual predator,” Jami told The News Tribe. However, not many men in Pakistan’s media industry have the same moral values.

As the court verdict is awaited Jami’s legal team have stated, “We have full faith in our justice system, and the court order further instils our faith in the sanctity of truth. This is just the beginning of our fight for the countless victims of sexual abuse who suffer in silence. The victims have reposed their faith in the Court after yesterday’s Court Order and they are now coming forward in public and will also now initiate their own legal proceedings against their predator. We will further continue to fight for a just, safe and an inclusive Pakistan.”