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July 3, 2020
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Is the world safe with India’s nuclear weapons?

In the past few weeks, the world has been exposed to dangers and threats which were never comprehended before. India has initiated a politically motivated war in the region and threatened the very being of humankind on the plant. Perhaps it is the darkest side of politics witnessed in the history of humanity. After facing a terrible defeat in The Vidhan Sabha (State Legislative Assembly), the BJP government was expected to undertake a misadventure, but the scope they have taken it to is beyond comprehension. India very predictably initiated a politically motivated war with Pakistan, which was primarily provoked by the India media after Pulwama attack.

India mistakenly underestimated Pakistan’s war capacity, potential, and commitment to defend the homeland. The political leadership, military and people harmony have completely outclassed India in the military endeavour it initiated for political mileage. Pakistan army, navy, air force, and ISI has completely dominated Indian in their respective fields.

Pakistan shot down two Indian aircrafts and took Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman into its custody for violating Pakistani airspace, who was later returned to India as a gesture of peace. Pakistan has also tracked Indian submarine in its waters which was forced to return. Sources state that India planned a missile attack on six targets in Pakistan, which was dropped after Pakistan communicated that it would react in threefolds to the enemy assault. The shadows of war are still strong between India and Pakistan as the world waits for its destiny.

The world, particularly the economic and political powers have been very conscious, focused and proactive regarding the possession of nuclear arms in the wrong hands. They have fought and ruined countries such as Iraq to avoid any unforeseen situation and threat to humanity. The concept of “ jihad” is horrifying to the West when integrated with nuclear potential. But what if nuclear weapons are in the hands of a brutal, fanatic, power hungry, and insane government like Modi’s government? Why is the world so comfortable with that? Narendra Modi and BJP government are willing to threaten the very existence of humanity on the planet earth for what? Only for the coming elections, and political mileage. The nuclear war between Pakistan and India can leave 90% of the world population starving to death. Therefore, it is fair to say, that nuclear weapons in the hand of Modi and the BJP government is a clear danger to mankind.

As the humiliation is mounting for the Modi government after the embarrassing defeat in all their war ventures, the threat of a nuclear misadventure is increasing. Gujarat massacre defines Modi’s personality, and he and his party can go to any limit for its petty political gains. BJP is using the Indian army as a tool to achieve its political targets and success in the coming elections. Moreover, the military is merely a puppet in the BJP’s government hands, with no will, and motivation to fight. It is time that the world and world leaders should act.

Moreover, the Kashmir dispute can probably endanger the world at large. It has the capability of igniting a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, which can largely destroy the whole world. How can it be a bilateral issue, with Modi and BJP’s government being one of the primary stakeholders? The world is now showing concerns regarding Indian terrorism in Kashmir. On the other hand, the Kashmir freedom movement is more forceful than ever before, with seemingly no rational solution possible soon. It’s time that the Kashmir issue should be resolved according to the Kashmiri’s will proactively, to avoid any such situation in the future. If not done, this contention can leave the whole world burning.

With significant power comes big responsibility, which needs sense, and sensibility, but Modi and BJP’s government is only an amalgamation of power hunger, Hindu domination dream, hate, brutality, and insanity. The nuclear confrontation between Pakistan and India was avoided because of Pakistan sensible approach, and unconditional commitment to peace. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Leadership, General Qamar Javed Bajwa war wisdom and Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s diplomatic skills has outshined Modi’s blatant, dark and devastation warmongering. However, Modi, BJP’s government, and Indian media are still persisting on war and provoking it. Therefore, it is fair to say that nuclear weapons in the hands of the Modi and BJP government is a global threat.