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Artistry breathed new life into the audience

A group exhibition of four exceptional miniature artists, ‘Once We Were in Heaven’ from three provinces of Pakistan, has been started on 19th Feb, at the Studio Seven Art Gallery.

On the opening ceremony, Lahore-based artist Rizwan Ali told about his work on diverse culture of East and West which he gathered on one frame on wasli paper. His work includes the combo of Mughal epoch and Western beauty. He’s combined both the cultures with new story, new elements on one platform. He merged western figures with mughal characters using different techniques. The artworks are filled with stories of cultural aspects and the essential goodness of people. There is a celebration of humor, soulfulness, love and sensuality. The artist merged European Renaissance figures with Mughal characters developing totally a new narrative altogether.

Syed A Irfan, artist from city of lights is working from last 15 years. His skills in traditional and contemporary styles using miniature techniques are admirable. This exhibition of him is a series of his previous displayed pieces of art. His work is explaining about life. He says, letters used in his pieces of work are depicting the words we use and how they leave impact on people’s lives and behaviours.

Irfan says his work ‘The Power of Our Words’ revolves around the basic mode of our expressions, they can move you into tears, evoke absolute joy or lead you in action. There are words of encouragement, sympathy, love & admiration. The right words can give you strength, define your faith and give flight to things that live in your imagination.

His illustrative paintings are surrounded by the expressions portraying the imagination and use of unique words that can be a source of nourishment to our souls. They have a power to bring us back to our lives.

Farrah Mahmood is another miniature artist fom the capital. Her work deals with a range of social and political issues. As a female artist in a male-dominated society she’s always been more inclined to talk about what it means to be a woman in the dark parts of the world. In most of her work in fact, the attention is drawn to the abuse of power in all its senses, which is the root cause of a corrupt and unjust system, distressing our personal judgment of human values. The emphasis in her work is on Peace and Humanity. This recent work is inspired by the important Islamic geometric patterns in a lighter approach. She likes to experiment with different mediums and try to explore more about backgrounds. In this work she blended motifs with Abbari (Marbled Wasli). She is working from last 18 years. She is also an associate professor in Comsats University, Islamabad.

Artist Kausar Iqbal belongs to Malakand, and very much inspired by the culture of Pashtuns. He passed out from NCA University Lahore. He share his positive thoughts through his miniature in contemporary style. The area from where Kausar belongs has many negative expositions through media and politics, but his artwork has changed the mindsets of people and has developed positive image of that region. He has tried to spread message of peace, tolerance and empathy amid nation’s and individuals.
The exhibition will continue till 23rd February.