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Salutation for the star of Urdu literature

An appreciation ceremony was held in honor of Dr. Qamar Abbas, poet and author of books on Urdu literature on written works, considered of lasting artistic merit. The event was organized by ATCO Literary Society at Anjuman-e-Taraqqi Urdu Pakistan.

Wusat-ul-lah Khan spoke in his typical style discussing his journey until now. Dr. Tanzeen Firdaus also highlighted days of yore while addressing the audience.

Then, Dr. Tahir Masood reading from his notes, said, “Dr. Qamar Abbas has surprised us from his writings. His writings are his favours to his newspaper.” While discussing further, he ended his speech saying, “One must research for the sake of gaining some good knowledge and etiquettes, but not just for the allowance of Ph.D.”

Ghazi Salah-ud-din also honored the occasion with his intellectual words. Telling the audience how the book by Dr. Qamar Abbas has been written.

Dr. Anwar Shaheen, Professor and Director at Pakistan Studies Center, credited Dr Qamar Abbas by saying that he was passionate about research work since student Life. She said, “If research comes in person’s nature then he keeps on going on its way.”

Dr. Qamar Abbas also shared his goodness at the occasion thanking everyone for being the part of the event. He said, “One should say what one think.” He at the end thanked Jang and Geo who gave him platform for his research work.

Hard-worker Dr Qamar Abbas has inserted 60 years of dissertations in his book, ‘Roznama Jang ki Adabi Khidmaat’. He has inspired us all with the desire to restore writing on written works and literary texts to nineteenth century belles-letters.

And last but not least, president of the occasion, Dr. M. Kazmi graced the occasion with his address.