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Morocco’s Justice and Development Party rejects Arab states’ attempts to normalize ties with Israel

RABAT: The Moroccan Justice and Development Party (JDP) has rejected attempts by Arab and Gulf states to normalise relations with Israel.

The party dubbed those attempting to normalize ties with the Zionist country as “dwarfs and their fate as the dustbin of history.”

In an interview with Shehab News Agency, the party leader Naziha Maarij said that the people who normalise relations with the Zionist entity are dwarfs controlled by America and the Zionist entity and their destiny is the dustbin of history as their predecessors.

She added that Moroccan people have a neighbourhood in occupied Jerusalem which they will not abandon. It is a neighbourhood that has included Moroccan religious scholars, mosques, and ancient history.”

Maarij, Assistant Secretary-General of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, said that normalisation with the usurping Israeli occupation amounts to the level of haram (forbidden) because it conspires against the militants who have offered everything to guard our faith and our sanctities.

The scholar and professor in comparative religion added that “at the very least, we should boycott the brutal Zionist entity, reject its goods and give up relations with it. Whoever normalises with the occupation is not a Muslim, and he is sinful in this life and will be punished in the hereafter.”

Maarij explained that “the people of Palestine are saving our faces as they are steadfast in defending the cause and sanctities, and at the very least we should boycott the Zionist entity in their support.”