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Bangladesh actress asked to remove ‘vulgar photos’ from social media

DHAKA: Police in Bangladesh has ordered a female social media start to remove her ‘vulgar’ photos from social media.

The suggestive selfies and photos of Bangladeshi social media star Sanai Mahbub prompted police to step up and ask the actress to remove the photos from the social media.

Recently, the Bangladesh police have intensified its campaign against adult content online.

The aspiring actress, who regularly posts suggestive but fully-clothed photographs on social media platforms, hit local headlines last year after becoming the first Bangladeshi celebrity to announce that she had undergone breast enhancement surgery.

Nazmul Islam, a senior official of the Dhaka police cyber-crime unit, said the actress was “counselled” by officers and told to remove the “vulgar” content.

“We highly respect freedom of speech in a democratic system. But her content has drawn protests from angry parents,” Islam, said, adding that some of her images could be “illegal” under the country’s pornography laws.

He said that the police was working tirelessly to create a free and safe internet for everyone.