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Gas consumers receiving 400 to 1500pc higher bills

ISLAMABAD: The gas consumers across the country are receiving highly inflated bills from the gas utility companies.

The gas bill the consumers receiving are 400 per cent to 1500 per cent higher than the bills they used to receive or received in previous months.

A resident of Islamabad G-15 told The News Tribe that he received Rs 29 thousands bill in February against Rs2800 he was billed by the gas utility in January.

He wondered that the consumption during December and January remained almost the same but there was huge difference in the amount of the bills.

He said that when he approached the gas utility high-ups but was advised to submit the bill.

Federal Ministers are also complaining of the highly inflated bill they are also receiving. Recently,  former spokesman of the government on energy Farrukh Saleem had said that his gas has soared from 12,966 in November 2017 to Rs 49,053 in Nov 2018.

He had tweeted: “My gas bill has gone from Rs12,966 in Nov 2017 to Rs49,053 in Nov 2018.”

Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda said that he was billed Rs45,000 by the gas utility for his Islamabad residence.

Speaking in Geo News programme Capital Talk, Vawda said that he had two stoves and a geyser for heating water in his Islamabad residence. He mentioned that he did not even dine there.