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Israel turning historic mosque into museum

TEL AVIV: The Israeli authorities are turning a historic mosque into a museum.

The authorities in Tiberias broke into the historic Al-Bahr Mosque in order to start turning it into a museum.

The Israeli authorities broke into the mosque despite a 2000 agreement between them and the Palestinian community in Israel to maintain the status quo at the mosque.

One-fifth of the Israel citizens, who are Palestinians, are facing institutionalised discrimination at the hands of the Jewish state.

Israel has demolished hundreds of Palestinian mosques, cemeteries and other religious sites since the state’s creation in 1948. Dozens have been turned into bars and nightclubs in Jaffa, Lod, Al-Ramla, Ashkelon and other cities with no regard for their religious significance.

According to, the agreement reached in 2000 has been violated several times, with attacks on the building, including arson. Largely left unguarded, it has been used by drug addicts.

“We have to go to Tiberias and stop the desecration of the holy site which aims to erase any Palestinian symbols in the city,” insisted Mohammad Baraka, the Chairman of the High Committee for Arab Citizens. He said that the Arab citizens in Israel would never accept such a move and pledged to protect the mosque and other holy places.