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PTI leader Sarah Ahmed made chairperson of Child Protection Bureau

LAHORE: Punjab government has appointed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Sarah Ahmed as chairperson of Child Protection Bureau.

Home Department Punjab has issued the notification of Ahmed’s appointment as chairperson of CPU Punjab.

Sarah Ahmed is one of the central leaders of PTI. She will assume charge of her new assignment today.

Ahmed will be replacing Saba Sadiq of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. Saba Sadiq was heading the bureau before the appointment of Sarah Ahmed.

In order to provide care, rehabilitation, education and training to the destitute and neglected children, Government of Punjab established Child Protection and Welfare Bureau in March 2004. One of the objectives for the establishment of this Bureau is to protect these children from criminals. The Bureau not only provides food and shelter but also imparts education and skills to these children to make them useful citizens.

The Bureau endeavors for rethe unification of these children with their families. Besides this, the child psychologists take various measures for mental development and rehabilitation for these children.