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Jazz awarded Rs258m contract for broadband services in North Waziristan

ISLAMABAD: Private cellular operator Jazz secured Rs258 million contract for deploying broadband services in North Waziristan district.

The multi-million rupees contract was awarded by Universal Service Fund (USF) to the mobile operator, which will also take mobile broadband access to the people in frontier regions Bannu and Lakki Marwat.

Out of the Rs258m, the government subsidy amounts to Rs198mn.

The contract was signed by Universal Service Fund chief executive officer Rizwan Mustafa Mir and Jazz chief corporate and enterprise officer Ali Naseer.

The contract has been awarded by the USF under its ‘Broadband for Sustainable Development Programme’.

Under the ministry, the USF has been mandated to spread broadband connectivity to far-flung settlements still without basic internet connections and facilities.

USF CEO Rizwan Mir said that with the signing of the North Waziristan contract, the organisation’s aim was to provide voice and data services to remote and underserved areas of Pakistan where it was most critical for development.

Jazz chief corporate and enterprise officer Ali Naseer said: “Through this collaboration, Jazz and USF have successfully bridged the digital divide in the country’s remotest region.

“This is why the project has special significance for us and in due time residents of 401 administrative mouzas will have access to the country’s fastest mobile broadband connectivity. We are looking forward to assisting these people in unlocking their potential in an increasingly interconnected world.”