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Miseries, sufferings of PTV employees abound  

ISLAMABAD: The employees of state-run Pakistan Television Corporation are being deprived of their basic rights they are entitled to under the Corporation rules.

During the last six months, the employees have lost their due rights and entitlements, which has abounded their sufferings and agonies.

The sufferings of the employees started with the management’s move to impose cuts on medical allowances.

Sources said that initially, all the hospitals and medical stores on the panel of PTV were removed and later few of the hospitals and stores in the capital were obliged on the directives of some hidden hands. PTV employees from across the country were left in a shock as how they would travel from their respective cities to get medical facilities from the capital only?

Similarly, the petrol allowance is also allowed at two petrol pumps of the capital. As per the condition, the PTV employees working across the country are required to get fuel from the two petrol pumps of the capital. How an employee working in Karachi or Peshawar or Quetta will be able to get his vehicle filled from a petrol pump located in the federal capital?

The comedy of errors does not stop here. The employees have not been given any raise in salaries for the past two years as the charter of demand is not taken up by the management since 2017. It is pertinent to mention that the contractual employees did not get any raise in salary for the last six years.

Besides, the govt announced a 50 per cent raise in house rent ceiling in July 2018. The raise was allowed to all the government officials but the PTV management did not give this option even a consideration. The other issues that the employees are facing are the undue cuts and deductions in basic mobile phone charges, bus fares, newspapers allowance, odd hours pick up facility, withdrawal of four outstanding ACR increment, group award, higher qualification pay, last but not least termination of service without notice.

NIRC issued stay order against all those illegal orders in June 2018. But the incumbent management is violating the court order.

PTV World is only English language channel of the country. Sources said that the current in charge of the channel is a person, who was hired a producer and got demoted on account of incompetence. But was made Managing Director of the channel despite incompetence.

The worker union has gone on a strike against the managing director of PTV.

It is interesting to note that the MD has raised his own salary twice in a span of two months but is asking the employees to adopt austerity. The MD is drawing Rs 2.2 million per month. Besides, there are employees awaiting the renewal of their yearly contracts, who are being threatened to be laid off.

If the services of those working for the past many years are not required, then why management is interested in advertising for new vacancies?