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2 Englishmen and and Aussie: Terry North’s 10th year in Fringe Festivals

PERTH: Terry North from the North of London was dragged to Australia ‘kicking and screaming’, as he describes it, by a woman who later became his wife. Prior to that Terry had been performing and writing comedy in the UK. Terry wrote episodes for the popular 80’s show Hail & Pace for London weekend television and then for Russ Abbott from the BBC.

In Australia, Terry first owned a trucking company where he worked late hours and long shifts. This led him away from his passion for a while, until one day two of his mates at his local pub insisted on taking him to open mic night because they thought he was funny.

Terry was back in action at the open mic night and did several other gigs after that. He stopped driving trucks and moved into managing a driving school to give him time to pursue his passion in the evenings. By 2008 Terry was doing small gigs and open mic night’s around Melbourne when one day, after returned from a show in New Zealand, he was offered a spot in the Melbourne comedy festival.

The year after that Terry hosted Best of British at the Melbourne festival which was a huge hit, and the following year he performed solo. Since then there has been no turning back for Terry as his life became all fun and laughter, literally.

Being a part of the Perth Fringe Festival for 5 years, this year Terry is managing the shows and box office at the Aberdeen hotel with 24 comedians who have travelled from all over the world. “We have a very diverse line up, we have Greeks, Canadians, Americans, British, Irish, Scottish, we even have Chinese.” The Fringe festival goes on till the 9th of February 2019.

2 Englishmen and an Aussie
2 Englishmen and an Aussie

Terry has a Canadian comedy tour coming up for a festival there which he is very excited about as it’s his first time. Though he hasn’t toured Asia yet, Terry said he would be keen to go to a country like India or Pakistan, which he said, “would be fun.”

Every year he travels around Australia producing comedy shows most of which is standup.

Standup comedy has become a popular genre in recent years, with Melbourne leading the scene in Australia. “There are lots of funny people in Melbourne and its very competitive there with 300 comedians chasing one 50$ gig sometimes. A close runner up is Brisbane with lots of comedy clubs in the city,” according to Terry.

“With the industry being extremely competitive, the only way I can make a living from it is by producing shows and having several different acts signed up. Young people interested in standup need to diversify. Lots of comedians I know write for TV and radio as well.
I am putting together a workshop to teach people, “how to fest” because I have literally seen people make no money at the festivals,”
Terry told The News Tribe.

When asked what the best part about his job is, “It doesn’t feel like a job, I love it when people walk out of a show and say that’s the best laugh I have had in forever, or ‘That’s the first time I’ve seen standup,” Terry said, “That just makes me go wow.”

Laughter is the best medicine known to reduce stress and anxiety. So, Perth folks can make the most of Terry North being in town, and catch some of the funniest acts at the Aberdeen hotel this year at Fringe.