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November 24, 2020
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UK band boycotts Eurovision Song Contest in Israel

LONDON: A British band has refused to participate in Eurovision Song Contest due to it being hosted in Israel this year.

The three girl band, The Tuts, announced its decision on Twitter.

The band tweeted: “So, we got asked to enter EUROVISION 2019 to represent the UK but it’s being held in Israel so that’s a NO from us!”

Many users praised the band for being aware of the human rights abuses committed by Israel and conscious of the impact their participation would have on normalising the occupation.

A twitter user @rickmagill54 wrote: “Courageous and moral stand. Thank you.”

A handle, ArtistsForPalestineUK, tweeted “No Pride in Apartheid. Thank you! ❤️#BoycottEurovision2019”

Another user @davidlane1955 wrote: “ Great news from the UK as The Tuts decide to prioritise ethics, human rights and solidarity with Palestinians and announce they will #boycottIsrael and not attend #Eurovision in Tel Aviv. We hope Australian artists will follow them…#boycottEurovision2019”

Some urged other countries, including Ireland which has been a vocal supporter of BDS, to also boycott the event.

The announcement to refuse to perform in Israel also prompted a backlash from supporters of Israel.

A twitter user @leekern13 wrote: “ Oh no. Israel has survived three major wars. However, will they survive three-piece girl band “The Tuts” not performing there?”

Another user @danndovid tweeted: “Well never heard of u, so you did a favour for the UK for not anticipating, thank you!!”

Some even tried to suggest that the group’s choice was evidence of anti-Semitism, although the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel has clearly stated that its campaign protests the ongoing military occupation of Palestine.