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President Alvi apologises for ‘causing inconvenience’ to neighbours

KARACHI: President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi has offered an apology to his neighbours after they had to undergo a security check for offering Juma prayers at a mosque in Karachi due to President’s protocol.

President Alvi also offered Juma prayer in the same mosque.

Soon after a video showing a long queue of people going through a security check outside the mosque was shared on social media by a user, it went viral.

Multiple Facebook and Twitter users shared the video, criticizing the President and the PTI government for bothering masses in the name of security and protocol.

“Arif Alvi sahib has come to the mosque to offer prayers,” a man waiting in a long queue outside the mosque can be heard in the video.

“Even in Khana Ka’aba we don’t go like that,” says another while a man who is not visible in the video is heard saying that President Arif Alvi lives nearby.

Reacting to criticism, President Arif Alvi has said he offered Friday prayer at a mosque in Bahadurabad and had no idea what was happening outside.

Preside of Pakistan Arif Alvi has tendered an apology bothering his neighbours.

He said from pictures he came to know that people had to form a queue as part of security arrangements.

“I apologise to my neighbours for the inconvenience,” the president said.