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How an editor inspires the young nation

When hallmarks of a “true editor”: able, noble, humble and gentle, seldom become a practical reality, it ushers in so many positive aspects of the misconstrued media, especially for the young and budding writers of the nation.

Imagine an editor, never saying no when a young boy or girl brought an article for publication, corrected it positively as, when and where required and published it for a dream-come-true reality of the excited and exuberant young writer indeed.

This is S.M. Fazal, gem and gentleman of an Editor, encouraging and inspiring countless young and promising writers whatever their inclination of writing: academic, literary, social, economic, business, professional, national or international.

What a quiet, silent and rare cause of helping young writers Fazal Saheb literally pursued in letter and spirit decade-after-decade towards educational and professional excellence by merely accepting and positively publishing their articles!

Imagine so quietly it worked and so silently it helped many a young writer encouraged and inspired by Fazal Saheb towards deservingly joining and instrumentally serving at value-adding positions in private and public sectors and attributing him for his warm-hearted, broad-minded and far-sighted approach.

His caring of and sharing with the young nation continues as he unveils the secret of success: He tells the young nation “whatever excellence you achieve in life, study or work is due to your hard work, intelligence and commitment but its quiet or hidden secret of success lies in obeying parent and respecting elders”.

Fazal Saheb advises young and promising youth to focus on being practical doers rather than being mere critics. Critics have an important role to play if it is constructive criticism to improve or reform and not to offend or for retaliation. A practical doer here, Fazal Saheb believes, has a greater role as one is involved here more in a value-adding positive role in society rather than merely fault-finding.

A notable feature of Mr S.M. Fazal reflects from his being personally involved with his team at all stages of editorial, pictorial and production management indeed. Leading from the front he sets for his young and talented team at the desk and in reporting a harmonious blend of time, priorities, conflict and crisis management. In his instrumental role and responsibilities, mounting pressures and deadlines, tedious questions and circumstances he was all calm, composed and calculated. Even during hectic “copy rush” he did the job with smiles and cheers in internal and external coordination with an inspiring impression for young and old alike.

He advises young media writers, analysts, professionals and editors to pursue the role of positive doers, skillfully, intelligently, gracefully and altruistically, whether it is investigative reporting, news-analyzing, editorial-writing, subbing or editing as a noble cause and towards a better and brighter Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Fazal Saheb’s wide and varied knowledge, know-how and experience as a truly devoted and complete journalist, spanning well over four decades, reflects of his all-around professional acumen in all forms and manifestations of print media and speaks volumes of his media respect and credibility home and abroad.