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In An Unprecedented Development Iran Confirms Meeting with Afghan Taliban

TEHRAM: In an unprecedented development, Iran on Wednesday announced it met Afghan Taliban.

Iranian media reported that Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council,  said in Afghan capital Kabul Iran has met with the Afghan Taliban.

The Iranian official’s comment came just days after the militants attended reconciliation talks in the UAE.

“The Afghan government has been informed of the communications and talks carried out with the Taliban, and this process will continue,” he said, quoted by Tasnim.

No details on where the talks took place were given by the news agency, which is considered close to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

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“The Islamic Republic has always been one of the primary pillars of stability in the region and cooperation between the two countries will certainly help in fixing Afghanistan’s security issues of today,” Shamkhani said.

A reporter of Tasnim, Abas Aslani, tweeted that it was the first time talks had been confirmed between Iran and the Taliban.

The announcement follows reconciliation talks last week between the United States and Taliban officials in the United Arab Emirates.

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The Taliban said they also held meetings with officials from the UAE, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but the militants refused to meet a delegation from Afghanistan.

The renewed diplomatic efforts come as Washington seeks a way out of the 17-year conflict.